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80 Watt Portable Solar Charging System

An optional purchase to make use of the new Zamp Solar Solar Plug system. Mount this to your battery box, roof or sidewall and connect your portable system directly. 

Our Zamp Solar Portable solar kits can be used as a single power source for maintaining and charging, or they can be used as an add-on power source to your currently solar system.

This 80 watt Portable Solar Charging kit provides 4.58 amps of charging power. It's recommended to use this on 27-31 group 12v batteries, great for medium sized travel trailers.

Each kit comes with a 10 amp waterproof/weatherproof digital deluxe solar charge controller already mounted on an EZ-View bracket, 16 feet of wire with the new solar plug system with battery terminal clamps and a ballistic nylon carrying case. 

(80 Watt Portable Pictured)

ZS-80-P Specifications 

Watts 80 System Contents:
Amps 4.58 Built-In Controller 1 Carry Handle 1
Dim. Closed (case) 21"w x 22"L x 3"h Solar Panel 2 Storage Bag 1
Dim. Opened (case) 42"w x 22"L x 1.5"h Support Legs 2

No. Panels 2

Battery Clips 2
Expandable Yes Fuse holder 1 Lead Wire 16ft.
Compatible ZS-80-P Fuse  1    

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