Deluxe Hardwired Solar RV Kits

Solar Power – The New Way to RV!

Deluxe Hardwired Solar RV Kits are designed for easy install and to make adding more solar at a later time easier and more affordable.

When new solar power users experience what a solar battery charging system can do, they start looking to add more POWER! Commonly solar RV kits are designed for the specific power output of the panel. Solar panels produce direct current (DC) power and require specific wire size and length as well as the appropriate solar charge controller. When solar systems need to be upgraded the system should be analyzed for any part replacements for the higher power output. A complete redesign might be needed. Commonly the wires and the solar charge controller are the first places to start.

Our Deluxe Hardwired Solar RV Kits are already configured for up to 450 watts of power and make it very simply to add more power when ready. 

Zamp Solar RV Solar Selection Chart

*This chart is designed to help clarify what solar system would be best based on battery configuration. It is not a comprehensive way to decide on what solar system will work best for a particular situation. Camp location, weather patterns and power usage should also be taken into consideration. Fairly cloudy areas will require larger solar systems. Some RV’ers have insufficient battery banks for their power consumption and should have their system better configured for their usage. 



What size Zamp Solar Deluxe Hardwired Solar RV System will work best for me?

To determine the best RV Solar size we need to know three key factors –

  1. How much power do you use on your adventure?
  2. Where do you plan to do most of your camping?
  3. What time of year do you camp most frequently?

Solar has the ability to charge your batteries from daily use even in winter when there is less hours of light, but this requires a larger solar system than what you need in the summertime.

Daily Power Use

It’s important to understand how much power is used on a daily basis while out in the field to best size up a battery bank and solar system. The size of solar needed can be determined by calculating how much average energy is used out of a 12 volt battery in a 24 hour period. That energy consumption is replaced by solar the next day.

Camp Location

Campers in Central and Southern U.S. generally can get by on a smaller Portable Kit as compared to those in more Northern States. Southern areas generally get more hours of sun with less rainy, cloudy days. Our solar panels will still charge a battery bank during cloudy days but the charge will be diminished. Calculating an average for daily sunlight helps narrow down a solar system for battery recharging. Our solar panels can charge batteries under moonlight and florescent, albeit it be small. 

Time of Year

Time of year is an important factor for selecting a solar system. The quality of sunlight is an important factor when selecting a solar system. Short days with frequent clouds and unpredictable sun exposure can drastically cut down on the amount of power a solar system can deliver for battery recharging.

With our Deluxe Hardwired Solar Kits we have done all the calculations for BEST efficiency and a kit that makes it easy to add MORE POWER!

Each Deluxe Hardwired Solar RV Kit Includes.

  • Class A Monocrystalline High Efficiency, Highest Quality Solar Panel
  • PWM Solar Charge Controller
  • 25 Feet of Wire to Allow up to 450 Watts of Solar with all Wire Connectors (Butt Splice Connectors, Ring Terminal Connectors)
    • Our wire is made of high quality and purchased from an American company – any wiring that needs to be done is wired at our Bend, OR shop.
  • Pre-Wired 3 Port Zamp Solar Roof Cap for Easy Installation
  • Solar Panel Mounting Feet with Hardware to Connect Panel to Feet
  • Inline Fuses with Properly Sized Fuses

Zamp Solar Deluxe Hardwired Installation Guide