Solar Charge Controllers

You can find the user manuals for each solar charge controller on their product page near the bottom.

Solar Charge Controller are the brains of any solar charging system. Not all solar charge controllers are created equal. The following are the type of solar charge controllers we carry. 

2 Stage On/Off – This is a simple solar charge controller and is effective for small or light usage applications. These types of controllers turn off when the battery voltage reaches a preset figure, generally above 14 volts for a 12 volt battery and then are kept off until they reach a lower voltage – hopefully 13 volts or close to 12.7. Some controller can have a wide voltage span between the on and off voltages. With these simple controllers it is important to know the on/off voltages to determine proper battery charging. 

3 Stage PWM – PWM or pulse width modulation is the type of solar charge controller most mobile or smaller than 400 or 600 watts of solar should seek out. PWM is a type of technology that will turn on and off the charge several times to maintain as close to 100% as possible. This is beneficial to batteries as they maintain a higher level of charge as well as allow solar to feed any incoming load placed on the battery – basically solar can power the load once that load is recognized by the battery. PWM is more expensive than a simple 2 or 1 stage solar charge controller but is better for battery health and longevity.

4 and 5 Stage PWM – Same technology applies here as in a 3 stage PWM solar charge controller with the added benefit of an extra bell or whistle. 4 Stage can also be called a PWM charge controller with a boost stage or boost technology or PWM with equalization technology or equalization stage. Equalization refers to an added feature that will help de-sulfinate the battery by increasing the voltage to a controlled pre-set and holding it there for a short period of time. Batteries sultanate overtime, similar to how iron will oxidize. De-sulfinating batteries help keep the metal on the inside cleaner longer for better performance. However, equalization is only beneficial to WET and Calcium type batteries.

Most of our kits utilize a 5 Stage PWM solar charge controller. This 5th stage we hope you’ll never have to use but may help save you the cost of new battery replacement if it happens. Just a little added technology to create an excellent product. Our 5th stage is a soft charging stage. Once a battery is depleted to a very low voltage (dead – dead battery) it’s not great for it to be connected to a high amperage/voltage charging device. It’s best to slowly ramp up the voltage to the bulk charging stage before providing a full charge. Our solar charge controller is programmed to help protect your battery if you run into this type of situation. 


You can find the user manuals for each solar charge controller on their product page near the bottom.