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100-Watt Flexi Roof Mount Kit


Only a half an inch thick, our 100-watt Flexi kit discreetly powers your off-grid adventures. This kit can expand up to 300 watts and charges any kind of 12 volt battery, including lithium. Though the panel does flex, we recommend flexing it as minimally as possible to avoid microcracking.

100-Watt Flexi Kit Includes:

  • 30-Amp, 5-stage dual battery PWM charge controller

  • Pre-assembled wiring harness

  • 3-port roof cap (ready for future expansions!)

*Fulfilled by our Zamp Certified Dealer “Specialized Products”

Simple Installation
Installation is a breeze with our pre-assembled wiring harness that doesn’t require crimping tools. All of our products are compatible with each other, so the included three-port roof cap makes expansions, upgrades or additions simple and easy… just plug in and go!

Reliable and Convenient
The digital 5-stage PWM charge controller lets you gauge your power with a glance, providing real time updates of volts, amps, and amp hours. Dual, self-resetting circuit breakers provide peace of mind by protecting your system from overcharging.

5 Year Output Warranty
Buy with confidence knowing that your solar investment is safe and secure.

100-Watt Flexi Panel Specs:

  • 4.65 lbs

  • 45.5” x 22“ x 0.06”

  • 100-Watt Power Output

  • Generates 5.6 amps

  • 5-Year output warranty

Installation Guide

*See our Solar Sizing Chart to see what kit is right for your needs.