Whether they’re on the road or off the grid, our Explorers are blazing their own trail. We helped each one create a unique solar setup to meet their needs and power their journey. With so many options available, living free from the constraints of normalcy has never been easier.


Keep Your Daydream

The Leach family gave up their home in Arizona to chase their dreams and see what the world of travel has to offer.

Gabrielle Nelson

Gabrielle is a travel photographer and storyteller based out of her semi-trusty Volkswagen Vanagon, “Peanut.”

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Robert Field

Robert Field is a well known kayak fisher embarked on the adventure of a lifetime.


Austin Smith

Austin Smith is a well known snowboarder who found freedom to chase the pow by living in his converted firetruck.

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Peter Holcombe

From the day their daughter Abby was born, Peter and Kathy Holcombe always included her in their adventures.


Kristen Bor

Kristen Bor is the van-dwelling, GoPro-toting, booty-shaking, full-time adventure blogger behind @BearfootTheory and @SprinterCamperVans.

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Chad Otterstrom

Chad Otterstrom is a snowboarder turned photographer adventuring around Colorado in search of all the best sunsets and views.


The Expeditioners

The Expeditioners are a Canadian family living a nomadic lifestyle while chasing amazing views and adventure.


Sara Liberte

Sara Liberte is a photographer, journalist and adventurer living out of her converted van, following the action wherever it takes her.


Jason A. Ramos

Jason A. Ramos is a long time van-lifer, adventurer and experience chaser. He is the founder and owner of Product Research Gear, an outdoor gear testing company.



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