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Austin Smith is a pro snowboarder who has traveled the world while doing what he loves most. With age comes clarity. Within the past two years Austin began to envision himself living as a nomad.  He started to explore the possibility of life at the mountain during the winter and on a warm beach during the summer.

Austin spent 6 weeks hulled up in his converted firetruck at the base of Mt Batchelor during the 2016-2017 snowboard season. Luckily the winter brought huge amounts of fresh snow which motivated him to snowboard everyday.

When winter ended Austin embarked on his next fun adventure. With the purchase of an old plumbing work van, or micro dojo, it was time to hit the beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Austin is known for his ability to soak up every opportunity.

What products does Austin use?

Zamp Solar 160-Watt Solar Panel and Zamp Solar 80-Watt Solar Panel - Roof mounted solar panels, Zamp Solar LED light bars and a Goal Zero Yeti Portable Power Station.