Ambassadors / Gabrielle Nelson

“My name is Gabrielle, but you can call me Gab. I’m a travel photographer/storyteller based out of my semi-trusty Volkswagen Vanagon, Peanut. Born and raised amongst the farmland of Illinois, my passion is to not only explore until I can no more, but to live, seek, and tell genuine stories along the way.”



Gabs’ Solar Setup:

Living and working out of her van means that Gabrielle needs to power her entire life - not just her van. In order to get out into the wilderness and stay as long as she wants, Gabs uses the combination of a 115-watt roof mount kit and a 180-watt portable kit.


115-Watt Roof Mount Kit
Part Number: KIT1003


180-Watt Portable Kit
Part Number: USP1003