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There is no such thing as a “perfect dream”.

That is what Marc & Tricia Leach with Keep Your Daydream discovered after waiting years for the perfect scenario before starting their outdoor adventure. They realized if their adventure was going to happen, they needed to start with what they had and pick a date

That was three countries, thirty-eight states and over 30,000 miles ago! They document their adventures on their weekly vlog where they are transparent about the good, the bad and sometimes even the ugly. If you are thinking of joining the RV Lifestyle, catch up on their channel and get inspirited to turn your “someday” into now!


Installing a 480-Watt solar kit with Keep Your Daydream.

After Marc and Trish purchased Ginger 2.0 they knew they needed more power to live out their boondocking dreams. In the video above they walk viewers through the entire installation of their new set up with the help of their friend Jared with All About RVs.

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 11.00.36 PM.png

The Ultimate RV Solar Upgrade

A detailed blog outlining how Marc and Trish went from 160 to 480-watts of solar. Read More

Marc and Trish Visit Bend!

Watch as Marc and Trish tour our facilities, hike Smith Rock, float the deschutes, meet a few fluffy friends, and get taste of local food (and beer).



Marc and Trish’s Solar Setup:

"We are big believers that starting small now is better than starting big, later. We have found that this approach actually makes things happen, helps reduce overwhelm and keeps the budget check. When we first started with solar, our setup was simple. We wanted to first “make sense of solar”, which is why we started with two 6v batteries, a 600-watt inverter and a Zamp Solar 120-watt portable unit. This has been an ideal and simple setup to keep the lights on, water pump working, power to our awning and the families devices charged. After we purchased “Grand Ginger”, our Grand Design Reflection Bunkhouse (312BHTS), we were ready for more freedom and less fatigue. We wanted to create “Tricia-approved dry camping”. This means that Tricia wasn’t looking for the exit button on day 2 because everything was harder. This set up includes 4 x 100 Amp Hour, 12-volt Lithium Battle Born Batteries, 480-Watts of solar and a 3,000-Watt Victron Inverter.”

- Marc Leach


170-Watt Roof Mount
Part Number: KIT1005

KIT1009-NoBG copy.png

2 x 170-Watt Expansion Kits
Part Number: KIT1009