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Robert Field - a well known kayak fisher has embarked on the adventure of a lifetime. A few years back, after receiving his Masters degree in Finance, Robert Field decided the 8-to-5 life wasn't for him. He quickly ditched the corporate world to pursue his passion of kayak fishing full time. 

He's now a full-time kayak angler and videographer chasing everything from largemouth bass and mahimahi to big sharks and tuna all from a little plastic boat. His popular YouTube series Field Trips with Robert Field follows him as he kayaks, fishes and films his way across the lower 48 while living in a 28-foot toy hauler full time.

Robert's show revolves around his love for exploring unfamiliar bodies of water in search of species he's never caught before. He says the added challenge of having to stumble his way through new techniques and unfamiliar fish makes finding success that much more rewarding. His's ultimate goal is to help motivate and inspire others to chase their dreams instead of chasing zeroes in a bank account.

What products does Robert Field use?

Being a videographer that enjoys spending time "off the grid," having a reliable power solution for his rig was critical. Robert chose the Zamp Deluxe Rooftop Kit with two 160-watt panel extensions for a total of 480-watts of power. He stores that charge using four 225 AH batteries on a metal bracket that he welded to the tongue of his trailer.