"Keep Your Daydream" VLOG Is HD Awesomeness - About To Get Zamped

Zamp Solar is excited to announce a partnership with the RV living travels, "Keep Your Daydream"! This YouTube friendly family loves to explore the outdoors. Follow them as they learn the ropes of living on the road full time. Throughout their first few seasons they have driven across America and traversed the beautiful views in Mexico. For their 3rd season they are making their way up the pacific coast with a stop in Bend Oregon! Follow their story and look for their solar videos.

When we met this family they were looking for a “starter” solar kit that would provide them with enough power to maintain their batteries to operate their electronics. A portable solar kit is the perfect setup as the installation is less intrusive. Because the modular panels are not fixed they can be moved during the day to acquire the most sunlight. To convert their battery power to useable power they picked out a 600 Watt power inverter allowing them to get the most out of their new solar set-up. We cannot wait to see the next video in the series. This is an awesome follow for those looking to travel throughout the world in an RV.