California's Solar Power Struggle Is Real, Too Much Output

California will have a major power issue in 2017. They are not alone. Oregon and Washington are also facing a huge problem when it comes to the amount of power that is produced. Here is the shocking truth... Unlike in years past there is too much electricity headed onto the grid which if not controlled will overload the system. This is why the producers from solar and wind power generating facilities are being temporarily shut off.

The California solar panel farms that sprung up almost over night all over the state are doing a great job pushing power to the grid on sunny days but so are natural gas and nuclear power plants. In Oregon and Washington the snow is starting to melt in the mountains meaning hydro electric plants will be running at optimal levels pushing extreme amounts of power to the grid. This is a huge problem for the agencies in charge of balancing the power input and output loads. A wing of Tesla Motors has helped one of Californias power companies with this issue by installing large storage facilities to help maximize the efficiency of the renewable power plants by allowing for production now and consumption later. 

On a smaller scale some home owners with a hybrid setup (utilizing solar and grid power) deal with this same issue. During the day they rely on the solar power system to allow the home's electrical system to function but without an energy storage system, a home lithium battery bank, the home's electrical panel must internally switch to the grid for a steady supply of electricity.

The solution to both of these problems is right in front of us. In the future we must create an energy system that allows for the onsite or local generation of power from roof top solar panels and then the storage of that energy in onsite batteries for future use. This is similar to the systems that we, RV owners, have been loving for the past decade, but on a slightly larger scale.

If you are living off grid or just spending some time on the road in an RV a complete solar energy system is available now. In the past couple of years these deluxe roof mounted solar kits have been reengineered to be so much more efficient, and way easier to manage. Zamp Solar is a leader in compact solar energy production. Contact one of our many dealers or contact us directly and we will find a local dealer so you can start living and stop worrying about plugging in. 

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