Outside Road Tested: Hiker Trailer

Check out the awesome Zamp Solar charging system on this well equipped light weight Hiker Trailer. The system is simple consisting of two 20-watt solar panels connected to a 10 amp Zamp Solar charge controller to charge a standard RV-Marine battery. The power was then converted from 12-volts to 110-volts with a compact yet powerful Zamp Solar 600 Watt Power Inverter

The great people at Outside Magazine are big fans of teardrop trailers. It just makes sense. When they got the opportunity to test out a custom-built Hiker Trailer, they jumped on it. From camping in Moab to snowy Jackson Hole, this trailer was put through it's paces. Watch and get a tour to experience what they love about this budget-friendly, lightweight teardrop.

Zamp Solar Teardrop Trailer Solar Panels
Zamp Solar Teardrop Trailer Charge Controller
Zamp Solar Teardrop Trailer Power Inverter