Roof Panels vs. Portable Solar Panels

Zamp Solar Trailer Solar Panel System

The season to get outside and take in a long breath of crisp mountain air is right around the corner. Now is a great time to learn more about how solar power is a clean and quiet alternative to conventional generators. Solar panels can quickly and efficiently charge your batteries ensuring you are powered through all of your adventures without the need to plug in.

Zamp Solar is the industry leader in 12-volt solar panel systems including roof mounted solar kits and portable solar panel kits. Each kit is designed and engineered to accommodate specific application needs.

Keep your boat, RV, Tiny Home, mobile office or mod shed in the shade without losing the ability to generate power. Zamp’s portable solar kits consist of non fixed solar panels designed to be placed directly in the sunlight ensuring optimum power output. From storage to operation these solar kits are easy-to-use and extremely efficient. Simply start by removing the panel from the included rigid nylon carrying case, flip out the sturdy tilt legs and quick connect the wire harness to the battery bank terminals or pre-wired solar port. The integrated solar charge controller protects your battery from being overcharged and allows you to monitor your energy levels. Explore Zamp Solar Portable Kits

Roof Mounted Solar kits are typically installed directly to the top of of an RV, tiny house or mod shed. These kits range in power output from 80-watts to 960-watts in order to fulfil the energy requirements as well as optimizing the available space. For ease of installation every Zamp Solar kit is supplied with the compatible charging controller, complete pre-terminated quick connect wiring harnesses, an expandable 3-port roof cap, and all Omni-Mount hardware necessary for installation. These kits allow you to spend less time setting up your system and more time enjoying your summertime adventures. Explore Zamp Solar Roof Mounted Kits

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