RV Sales Bigger Than Ever Thanks To Younger Buyers

CNN Money is reporting continued year over year growth for the RV industry over the last 7 years. Within this data comes a realization that the RV buyer has changed drastically. The typical RV owner persona, a retired couple in their 60's, traveling the interstate is not the catalyst for industry growth any longer.

Over half of RV buyers in 2016 were under the age of 45. This may come as a shock to those not familiar with the trends of this younger demographic. Advancements in broadband technology allows these young professionals to ditch the office for life on the open road. They stay highly productive even while away from a desk with the use of a simple wifi hot spot.

CNN's RV data does not include those that are part of the camper van modification niche. This younger group of outdoor enthusiasts has been coined the exploration generation and are living life one weekend at a time. Mercedes Sprinters, Ford Transits and GMC Savana vans are being gutted and remodeled to fit the needs of their owners. Storing skis and snowboards, kayaks, bikes, SUP's or any other piece of equipment transforms these delivery vehicles to a home on wheels.

As these tech-savvy consumers use recreational vehicles more and more a new set of energy constraints become apparent. Computers, wifi hotspots, cell phones, and other bluetooth accessories need to be charged frequently. This is why complete 12v solar power systems have become so popular throughout the camping industry. The ability to be more nomadic is now a reality. Zamp Solar is on the cutting edge of technology in order to facilitate a true remote working solution.

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