The Inertia Presents VanFiles Video Series #vanlife

Teton Gravity Research and many other outdoor outlets have been putting a huge focus on #vanlife. These stories go to show that this dream can become reality if you are willing to make the life choice to simplify. The expense to get started is typically less than it costs to get into an apartment when you factor a cleaning deposit, first months rent and last months rent. So... Get your mind right, figure out what you will absolutely need and find a van to start living a nomadic life. 

Check out the premiere of a new series called #VanFiles. This is a brand new collaboration with Lifeproof and The Inertia.  They will provide the stories of "rad humans living life on wheels".

Check out how Zamp Solar can help you live life on the road without having to relay on plugging in every night or even worse running an engine to charge your batteries. Camper Van Solar has come a long way in recent years due to huge gains in solar cell efficiency. With the Deluxe Roof Mounted Solar Kits you can start with a basic system and easily upgrade as your energy usage increases without having to buy a second full kit. The new expansion system can optimize your roof space by simply mounting another panel and plugging it into a spare port on the rv roof cap

Visit characters ranging from Cyrus Sutton, a surfer and award-winning filmmaker, to the nomadic Goodwin family, stars of the critically acclaimed film Given, to 19-year-old Maine surfer Max King. Each discovered the minimalist spirit of mobile adventure on their own terms and has plenty experience to share when it comes to the down and dirty of living in a vehicle on the run. 

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