Plug-n-Play Solar Maintainers 

The Plug-n-Play Solar Maintainer system is a build your own solar kit intended for maintaining battery charge while your RV or other 12-volt application is in storage. With different panel sizes and multiple connectors, our plug-n-play kits work in many unique situations to ensure a healthy battery while also extending the batteries life.

Model: ZS-20-PP

Model: ZS-BDC-EXT5

Model: ZS-BDC-RT

Model: ZS-10-PP

Model: ZS-BDC-EXT15


Model: ZS-8AW-PP

Model: ZS-BDC-BC

Model: ZS-BDC-CP

Model: ZS-MF-51020

Model: ZS-MF-10/20-MAG