Ambassadors / Robert Field

Ditching the corporate grind to pursue passions.

A few years back, after receiving his Masters degree in finance, Robert Field decided the 8-to-5 life wasn't for him. He quickly ditched the corporate world to embark on the adventure of a lifetime and pursue his passion of kayak fishing full time.

He's now a full-time kayak angler and videographer chasing everything from largemouth bass and mahimahi to big sharks and tuna all from a little plastic boat. His popular YouTube series Field Trips with Robert Field follows him as he kayaks, fishes and films his way across the lower 48 while living fulltime in a 28-foot toy hauler.

Robert's show revolves around his love for exploring unfamiliar bodies of water in search of species he's never caught before. He says the added challenge of having to stumble his way through new techniques and unfamiliar fish makes finding success that much more rewarding. His's ultimate goal is to help motivate and inspire others to chase their dreams instead of chasing zeroes in a bank account.


Remote Kayak fishing power by Zamp Solar

Watch Robert and his friend Jesse install 480 watts of solar onto his new Forest River Toy Hauler. They had a few hiccups along the way, but in the end they managed to successfully install the panel and get Robert back out on the road to fish the United States.

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Catch of the Day and Life on the road

Follow Robert as he fishes his way through the United States in search of new species and adventures.



Robert’s Solar Setup:

To power his travels around the U.S., Robert installed 480 watts of solar panels on the roof of his toy hauler (see photo above). It takes one 170-watt roof mount kit plus two 170-watt extension kits to get the electricity Robert needs to fish his way around the lower 48.


170-Watt Roof Mount Kit
Part Number: KIT1005

KIT1009-NoBG copy.png

170-Watt Expansion Kit
Part Number: KIT1009