Product Overview

We’ve done all the work and calculations to bring you a solar system with high-quality components with safety and efficiency in mind. A Zamp Solar system will have components sized to handle the electrical current it produces. Using quality materials and components ensures longevity and ease of use. We intend for all of our products to go the distance and use materials that we ourselves would want. A solar RV system good for us is good for you.

Zamp Solar's OEM division engineers and designs innovative solar battery charging solutions for top-tier manufacturers and suppliers in a myriad industries. We provide OEM customers with the tools they need to implement a successful solar charging system. View OEM Products


Deluxe Roof Mount Solar Kits

Zamp Solar is your source for the easiest to install RV solar panel kits available. Charge or maintain any traditional 12-volt battery bank or rechargeable lithium-ion battery energy storage solutions with complete confidence.

Portable Solar Kits

Portable solar kits provide all the power of roof mounted solar kits, with the added flexability of being able to place the panel in direct sunlight even when your RV isn’t. With the largest variety of portable solar kits, you are sure to find the perfect amount of power for whatever adventures you have planned.

Solar Plug-n-Play Solar Maintainers

The Plug-n-Play Solar Maintainer system is a build your own solar kit intended for maintaining battery charge while your RV or other 12-volt application is in storage. With different panel sizes and multiple connectors, our plug-n-play kits work in many unique situations to ensure a healthy battery while also extending the batteries life.

Solar Charge Controllers

Designed for RV applications, Zamp Solar offers the most comprehensive line of 5-stage PWM (pulse width modulated) digital charge controllers available. All charge controllers have 4 battery charging profiles available (AGM, Wet, Gel, Calcium). The ZS-30A, ZS-30AD, and ZS-60 now offer lithium battery charging (LTO and LifeP04).

Solar Panel Mounting Options

Here you will find all of Zamp Solar's mounting options.

Solar Ports and Wires

Whether it's for multiple panels or just a single panel, our selection of ports are designed for easy installation and expansion.

600-Watt Power kit

The Zamp Solar 600-Watt Power Kit provides ppower to two independent outlets through a facplate. Great for sensative electronics.