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Sara Liberte grew up the younger sister to an Army Ranger...she blames that for everything (awesome) in her life. A photographer/videographer of supreme talent and utter disregard for inclement weather, arduous conditions, or little things like the law of averages.

Sara is an eleutheromaniac who loves firearms, motorsports, motorcycles and...well, all vehicles, really, as long as they're the kind that gets dirty and generates adrenaline. She spent many years traveling the US in a van called the Dodge Mahal, with her dog at her side (he also sometimes rides in a motorcycle sidecar with her).

Sara recently laid that van to rest and started building a new "home" and choose Zamp Solar to power  her "instruments of shooting" and anything that needs some power on the spot.   Her 2017 GMC will be completed soon and taking her on many more adventures to remote locations. If you need to find her, you'll definitely have to look outside. Try moto-events, mountain ranges, or firearms classes.

What products does sara use?

160-Watt roof mounted deluxe kit as well as the 160-Watt roof mounted expansion kit. (the two kits together provide 320-Watts of power)

"I am a traveling photographer working in automotive, motorcycle and firearms. I usually find myself "in the middle of nowhere" for various shoots.  I depend on my Zamp Solar panels to keep my camera batteries charged, also provide me the power to run my small refrigerator and of course keep my phone and laptop charged.  I also run a ceiling vent fan, that little fan is the most important part in my van on some really hot days, so I love having all the power from my Zamp panels to keep everything going for me!"

- Sara Liberte