Solar Panel Mounting Options

Model: ZS-MF-US

NEW! Our newest mounting foot not only allows you to place it wherever you need along the frame, but to also remove the panel from the mounting foot for quick and easy access to the roof.


Model: ZS-BRK-AS

Made specifically for the unique curvature of some roofs as seen on Airstreams. These mounting feet are compatible with Zamp Solar’s 80-Watt “Long” panels.

Model: ZS-MF-US-60/160

Our US mounting feet, compatible with our US designed and crafted panels, allow the installer to place the feet wherever needed along the frame to provide the most flexible mounting options available.


Model: ZS-MF-51020

Compatible with our 10 and 20-Watt Plug-n-Play panels


Model: ZS-MF-10/20-MAG

Compatible with our 10 and 20-Watt Plug-n-Play panel