Zamp Solar LED Solar Security Light


Zamp Solar LED Solar Security Light


Zamp Solar's LED Solar Security Light uses infrared technology to automatically sense human movements from 30 feet away. 

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    This stand alone security light charges an internal Li-Ion battery during the day by utilizing a solar panel. This allows the LED light to shine brightly all night long.

    Each light is activated only when there is no light on the solar panel using infrared technology to sense human movement. The light will stay on for one minute after detection has stopped with up to 100 cycles per night. When the light is active the flood area is roughly 20 ft when installed at specified height of between 6 and 13 ft.

    This light is fully automatic with two settings - Full Off or Full Automatic (it cannot stay on constantly via the switch). No wiring needed as the unit is fully contained in a waterproof, rust resistant metal housing. Mounting brackets included with the kit allows pole or surface mounting. 

    • Dimension : 8.5″X13.5″
    • LED Light Visible Angle – 112°
    • Solar Panel : 3W Amorphous Solar Panel
    • Bright LED – 800 Lumen Output
    • Battery : 1800mAh/7.4V LiFePO4 Lithium battery
    • Infrared Sensor : 140 degrees, 30 feet
    • Illumination Area : 20 ft
    • Working time after full charged : up to 100 times @ 1 minutes
    • Protection : Over charge & Over Discharge