Zamp Explorers!

Zamp Solar works with a variety of unique bloggers, vloggers, journalists and artists who live their lives powered by Zamp and a love for the outdoors. Read about them here and follow their links to learn more about their amazing adventures!

The Leach family traded their home in Arizona to chase their dreams and see what the world of travel had to offer. Read More 

Austin Smith is a well known snowboarder who has found freedom to chase the pow by living in his converted firetruck. Read More 

Sara Liberte is a photographer, journalist and adventurer living out of her converted van allowing her to follow the action where ever it takes her. Read More

The Expeditioners are a Canadian family living the nomadic lifestyle while chasing amazing views and adventure. Read More 

Chad Otterstrom is a snowboarder turned photographer driving around Colorado in search of the best sunsets and views available. Read More

Robert Field - a well known kayak fisher has embarked on the adventure of a lifetime. Read More

Jason A. Ramos is a long time van lifer, adventurer and experience chaser. From his first van in 1997 to his current Sportsmobile, he has lived the off-grid life for decades. Read More

From the day their daughter Abby was born, Peter and Kathy Holcombe have always included her in their adventures. Read More