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We LOVE solar and want to make it easy for you to fall in love with solar too.

We offer the largest selection of COMPLETE, ready to install solar kits on the market today. Zamp Solar was born out of the desire to reduce and eliminate the use of noisy, toxic, high-maintenance generators commonly seen at many of our favorite getaway spots. Our RV Solar Kits can replace the daily energy used by everyday electronics by harnessing the energy from the sun.

We were the first to design and develop Portable RV Solar Kits that were powerful enough to charge single and multi-battery systems designed for RV’s, Campers and Travel Trailers. All of our solar kits use the highest quality CLASS A Crystalline solar cells. Our solar panels feature a 25-year power output warranty for rigid panels and 10 years for our Flexi Flat panels. We’re dedicated to producing products that last and providing unmatched customer service.

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Please use our dealer locator to find the closest dealer. We work closely with our dealers across the U.S. and in parts of Canada. We do not sell direct.

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Maximize Battery Life

Batteries used in RV’s, Campers and Travel Trailers typically last 2 to 3 years. A Zamp Solar RV Solar system can extend a properly sized battery bank 2 to 3 times their normal life. It’s not uncommon for batteries to last 6 to 8 years and even 10+ years with proper solar charging. Zamp Solar RV Solar Systems recharge daily used energy and automatically maintain battery charge as close to 100% when not in use.


Electrical Independence

A 12-volt solar charging system sized to daily electrical needs will replace the energy used both night and day. Cut the cord to expensive daily shore power hook-ups and noisy, toxic generators. We’re more than happy to spend however much time is needed with our dealers and our dealer’s customers to answer all questions to find the correct solar system.

Virtually Maintenance FREE

The only maintenance a solar system requires is to ensure the glass is free of debris, dirt, and grime. Many solar systems only need a yearly cleaning of the glass and sometimes the rain takes care of this for you.

Safe and Reliable

We’ve done all the work and calculations to bring you a solar system with high-quality components with safety and efficiency in mind. A proper solar system will have components sized to handle the electrical current it produces. Using quality materials and components ensures longevity and ease of use. We intend for all of our products to go the distance and use materials that we ourselves would want. A solar RV system good for us is good for you.

Green, Clean and Quiet

Use the sun to harness the daily power required for recharging batteries in a green, clean, quiet way.

Convert to the new solar way!

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