US Made Solar Panels Built For Life

Our Story

We are a small town company with dreams of making a big Impact. From selling custom solar kits online and shipping out of a garage, Zamp Solar, has grown into one of the only domestic 12-volt solar manufacturing plants in the United States. 

Who We Are

Our team is what makes Zamp Solar, Zamp Solar. We are truly a family, a passion for the company, our product and what we stand for. Each member is an integral part of the whole and fulfills a unique role every single day. What we have is special. 

What we do

One panel at a time, Zamp Solar has worked hard to earn a reputation for offering the highest quality product on the market. Having our own production plant makes it easy for us to control quality and introduce new innovative features.

RV Partners

Zamp Solar allows you to cut the cord and camp free of electrical connections or noisy generators. Utilizing solar energy to recharge your RV allows you to adventure further off grid while increasing the life of your batteries by up to 300%.

At Zamp Solar we know the decisions we make
today build our legacy for tomorrow. We build this
legacy by solving real world problems through
innovation. A legacy that’s built to last.

Every detail has meaning when crafting a product
that is built to last. 
We use the highest quality materials. 
We sweat over every step of the process. 
We build our product right here in Bend, Oregon. 

Our home is surrounded by mountains, lakes, rivers
and the great outdoors, we thrive on the freedom to
explore the beauty all around us. 
Come join us!