Outside Road Tested: Hiker Trailer

Check out the awesome Zamp Solar charging system on this well equipped light weight Hiker Trailer. The system is simple consisting of two 20-watt solar panels connected to a 10 amp Zamp Solar charge controller to charge a standard RV-Marine battery. The power was then converted from 12-volts to 110-volts with a compact yet powerful Zamp Solar 600 Watt Power Inverter

The great people at Outside Magazine are big fans of teardrop trailers. It just makes sense. When they got the opportunity to test out a custom-built Hiker Trailer, they jumped on it. From camping in Moab to snowy Jackson Hole, this trailer was put through it's paces. Watch and get a tour to experience what they love about this budget-friendly, lightweight teardrop.

Zamp Solar Teardrop Trailer Solar Panels
Zamp Solar Teardrop Trailer Charge Controller
Zamp Solar Teardrop Trailer Power Inverter

"Keep Your Daydream" VLOG Is HD Awesomeness - About To Get Zamped

Zamp Solar is excited to announce a partnership with the RV living travels, "Keep Your Daydream"! This YouTube friendly family loves to explore the outdoors. Follow them as they learn the ropes of living on the road full time. Throughout their first few seasons they have driven across America and traversed the beautiful views in Mexico. For their 3rd season they are making their way up the pacific coast with a stop in Bend Oregon! Follow their story and look for their solar videos.

When we met this family they were looking for a “starter” solar kit that would provide them with enough power to maintain their batteries to operate their electronics. A portable solar kit is the perfect setup as the installation is less intrusive. Because the modular panels are not fixed they can be moved during the day to acquire the most sunlight. To convert their battery power to useable power they picked out a 600 Watt power inverter allowing them to get the most out of their new solar set-up. We cannot wait to see the next video in the series. This is an awesome follow for those looking to travel throughout the world in an RV. 

Roof Panels vs. Portable Solar Panels

Zamp Solar Trailer Solar Panel System

The season to get outside and take in a long breath of crisp mountain air is right around the corner. Now is a great time to learn more about how solar power is a clean and quiet alternative to conventional generators. Solar panels can quickly and efficiently charge your batteries ensuring you are powered through all of your adventures without the need to plug in.

Zamp Solar is the industry leader in 12-volt solar panel systems including roof mounted solar kits and portable solar panel kits. Each kit is designed and engineered to accommodate specific application needs.

Keep your boat, RV, Tiny Home, mobile office or mod shed in the shade without losing the ability to generate power. Zamp’s portable solar kits consist of non fixed solar panels designed to be placed directly in the sunlight ensuring optimum power output. From storage to operation these solar kits are easy-to-use and extremely efficient. Simply start by removing the panel from the included rigid nylon carrying case, flip out the sturdy tilt legs and quick connect the wire harness to the battery bank terminals or pre-wired solar port. The integrated solar charge controller protects your battery from being overcharged and allows you to monitor your energy levels. Explore Zamp Solar Portable Kits

Roof Mounted Solar kits are typically installed directly to the top of of an RV, tiny house or mod shed. These kits range in power output from 80-watts to 960-watts in order to fulfil the energy requirements as well as optimizing the available space. For ease of installation every Zamp Solar kit is supplied with the compatible charging controller, complete pre-terminated quick connect wiring harnesses, an expandable 3-port roof cap, and all Omni-Mount hardware necessary for installation. These kits allow you to spend less time setting up your system and more time enjoying your summertime adventures. Explore Zamp Solar Roof Mounted Kits

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California's Solar Power Struggle Is Real, Too Much Output

California will have a major power issue in 2017. They are not alone. Oregon and Washington are also facing a huge problem when it comes to the amount of power that is produced. Here is the shocking truth... Unlike in years past there is too much electricity headed onto the grid which if not controlled will overload the system. This is why the producers from solar and wind power generating facilities are being temporarily shut off.

The California solar panel farms that sprung up almost over night all over the state are doing a great job pushing power to the grid on sunny days but so are natural gas and nuclear power plants. In Oregon and Washington the snow is starting to melt in the mountains meaning hydro electric plants will be running at optimal levels pushing extreme amounts of power to the grid. This is a huge problem for the agencies in charge of balancing the power input and output loads. A wing of Tesla Motors has helped one of Californias power companies with this issue by installing large storage facilities to help maximize the efficiency of the renewable power plants by allowing for production now and consumption later. 

On a smaller scale some home owners with a hybrid setup (utilizing solar and grid power) deal with this same issue. During the day they rely on the solar power system to allow the home's electrical system to function but without an energy storage system, a home lithium battery bank, the home's electrical panel must internally switch to the grid for a steady supply of electricity.

The solution to both of these problems is right in front of us. In the future we must create an energy system that allows for the onsite or local generation of power from roof top solar panels and then the storage of that energy in onsite batteries for future use. This is similar to the systems that we, RV owners, have been loving for the past decade, but on a slightly larger scale.

If you are living off grid or just spending some time on the road in an RV a complete solar energy system is available now. In the past couple of years these deluxe roof mounted solar kits have been reengineered to be so much more efficient, and way easier to manage. Zamp Solar is a leader in compact solar energy production. Contact one of our many dealers or contact us directly and we will find a local dealer so you can start living and stop worrying about plugging in. 

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