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Omni-Mount Feet with Quick Release


Made in Bend, Oregon our ultra-sturdy Omni-Mount feet can be installed anywhere along our Omni-Mount frame, giving you total control and flexibility over how and where your panel is installed.

These innovative feet have a quick-release feature that lets you easily unclip your panel for maintenance or safe storage without removing all of the hardware itself.

This mounting kit includes stainless steel screws and washers to attach your panel to the mounting feet.

Due to the fact that every vehicle and application is different, these mounting feet do not include bolts or hardware to attach the mounting feet to your roof.

*Our Omni-Mount feet come standard in all of our roof mount solar kits except for the 90-Watt Long Series Panel. They are compatible with all of our panels except the 10-watt and 20-watt solar maintainer panels.

*Fulfilled by our Zamp Certified Dealer “Specialized Products”