Power To GROW


Solar energy to help you cultivate, irrigate, and grow.


Forget trenching or wires—cut the cord and power your agricultural endeavors, farm equipment, irrigation systems, and outbuildings with off-grid solar. Whether you need a small panel to keep your auto-timers on or a big kit to power your greenhouse, we can create a solution to meet your needs.


Get Off the Grid.


Stay Powered

Never worry about power outages or dead equipment batteries after a long winter ever again.

Save money

No more expensive equipment, corporate fees and rising energy costs to eat away your profit margins.

Break Free

Off-grid solar means you don’t depend on, or answer to anyone when it comes to powering your project.



Battery Maintainers

Keep equipment batteries in tip-top shape throughout the winter with solar battery maintainers. Attach it to your battery, set it in the sun, and enjoy peace of mind knowing your equipment will be ready to go when spring arrives.


Solar in Real Life

Johnny Farmer set up solar to heat his remote greenhouse through the spring. By avoiding running expensive wires and eliminating his dependence on expensive, rising energy costs, Johnny’s solar setup will pay for itself in less than a year.