Zamp Products

Power your life, work, and play with the most reliable and efficient off-grid solar products on the market.


Roof Mount Kits

Power everything from boats to buildings with our roof mount solar kits. Ranging from 90-watts to over 1000-watts, these kits can charge all 12-volt batteries and battery banks, including lithium.


Portable Kits

Our portable solar kits are the most flexible and efficient solar option. With the largest selection of portable kits on the market, you’re sure to find a solution that works for you.


Charge Controllers

Designed for use in RVs, our 5-stage PWM (pulse width modulated) solar charge controllers protect your batteries by regulating and optimizing the flow of solar power. No matter what kind of battery bank you’ve got, we have a charge controller to handle it.


Solar Ports & Wires

Easy installation and expansion—that’s the goal of all our solar ports, whether you’re connecting through your roof, sidewall, or bumper.


Mounting Options

No matter what you’re attaching your solar panels to or how you want to attach them, our simple and innovative mounting options provide endless possibilities.



Keep your 12-volt battery healthy and charged while your RV, boat, or trailer is in storage. Our solar maintainers provide a long-term trickle charge so your battery is ready for the next adventure when you are.


600-Watt Power Kit

Charge your laptop, phone, household appliances, and other sensitive electronics while off-grid.

ZS-600-CPAP-PS(Kit) copy.jpg

Did You Know?

Our US-made solar panels are backed by a 25 year warranty. Invest in solar with confidence, knowing our products are built to last.



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