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With over a year of RV travel under their belts the Chicks family knew they wanted to continue their adventure but with a few upgrades, one of which was solar. Watch as they enjoy what Bend, Oregon has to offer and tour the Zamp Solar factory to pick up some off-grid power.


What products are used by Keep Your Daydream?

"We started RV travel for the freedom and ability to explore North America. Yet, the most beautiful places usually don’t have full hook-ups. Being a family of five, there are power needs to keep everyone engaged and cooking in the dark was not the mental image we had in mind! 

We learned quickly that the best way to make things happen quickly is to start small and improve with experience. We wanted to first “make sense of solar”, which is why we started with two 6v batteries, a 600-watt inverter and a Zamp Solar 120-watt portable unit. This has been an ideal and simple setup to keep the lights on, water pump working, power to our awning and the families devices charged. We have a few laptops, iPhones and cameras that are all essential to making videos on the road.”

- Marc Leach